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Access: Statistical packages Questions

  1. I am trying to run a SAS job on my American Community Survey file of 15 million cases. In my log file I am getting an error that reads "Insufficient space is available to run job." How do I remedy this?
  2. I am getting an error in stata “outcome does not vary” when I am trying to run a logistic regression.
  3. Can you help me convert ICPSR 9619 into SPSS?
  4. How does one read strings in SAS? For instance, if I am reading in a name like Washtenaw County in a pipe delimted file?
  5. I am trying to read a SAS system file and I am failing. And, I'm losing the data I am trying to read in.
  6. Where is the syntax window in SPSS (Version 18)? When I click on my *.sav file, it starts SPSS, but the syntax editor is no where to be seen.
  7. I am having trouble with SPSS. The program is not recognizing my *.sav file.
  8. I have created a stata file, but when I click on it, it will not open. I can open it if I invoke stata and open it from stata, but I want to be able to click on it. What is the problem?
  9. How do I concatenate two files in SAS?
  10. I need a reminder of how to read *.ssd01 files in SAS?
  11. I have duplicate variable names in two data sets that I would like to merge using stata. Do I have to go through and change variable names?
  12. I am trying to merge a file with some restricted use items with the public use version of the data. I'm using stata. When I run the merge, I got a message saying "merge already defined." Is this because some of the variable names are the same?
  13. Can a person use excel data in SAS?
  14. How do I get a chi square?
  15. I am trying to merge two files using SAS and I am getting a message that says "variable stcnty has been defined as both character and numeric." The merge did not work.
  16. How should I define my variables in Stata? Specifically, what are the options for character, integers and real numbers?
  17. The Institute for Social Research (ISR) used to support Multiple Classification Analysis (MCA) through OSIRIS. I liked this program very much. Can you tell me if this is still available?
  18. I have some raw data without any set-up cards. Can you remind me how to read in data with stata?
  19. How do I read SAS export files?
  20. I am working with NELS data (base year, first follow-up and second follow-up). When I tried to extract the variables from raw data using the SAS setup cards provided by ICPSR, I do not get the right number of cases – way too few.
  21. I am having trouble reading a file into SAS. SAS is complaining about the last variable in each record. If I look at it with an editor, it looks like a ^M.