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I recently downloaded the Excel files Median Household Income and Mean Household Income [2006-2010]. I was confused about the differences between different sheets in the file. For example, the median incomes on the "national" sheet don't match up with the median incomes on the "median" sheet. Is there a mistake?


You are correct about the numbers in the median sheet not matching the numbers in the nation sheet. The median sheet was sorted on the zip code column while the nation sheet was not. If you sort the nation sheet by zip code, the two sheets will agree with each other. The nation sheet has now been sorted and agrees with the other two.

Zip code was treated as a number in these sheets so zip codes that start with a "0" such as 01001 show up as 1001.

We created these files using a crosswalk from MableGeocorr because these characteristics were not available for zip codes when the first 5-year files were available for from the American Community Survey. Starting with the 2007-2011 file, you can get SES characteristics for zip codes from American FactFinder on the Census Bureau website.

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