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I am using Social Explorer to get zip code data. I only need zip codes from the state of New Jersey. The only option through Social Explorer is requesting ZCTAs for 3-digit zip codes. How can I get 5-digit zip codes?


This is one time where American FactFinder is easier to use than Social Explorer. American FactFinder allows one to pull off all ZCTAs for a single state.

But, you can also stick with Social Explorer. You just need to figure out which zip codes are in New Jersey.

MABLE/Geocorr is a geographic crosswalk made available from the Missouri Census Data Center. Select New Jersey as state, zip code as SOURCE and state as TARGET. You will end up with a file that provides you with the range of zip codes for New Jersey. You can look at the listing file online and it will be sorted from the smallest zip (07001) to the largest (08904).

One last option is to pull off all zip codes in the nation from Social Explorer with your tables of interest and to pull off one table with New Jersey zip codes from American FactFinder. You can merge the two files using ZCTA as the key and delete the non-matches.

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