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I need a table of poverty status and tenure for Washtenaw and Wayne Counties. However, I am defining the poor population as below 2x of the poverty line rather than the normal cutpoint.


This table is not available from the American Community Survey's summary products because of your requirement of a different poverty cutpoint. However, this can be created from microdata. Because your unit of analysis is relatively small (counties), I would suggest using 3-year data.

ACS microdata do not have counties as a unit of geography but one can build counties based on PUMA codes.

Here is a link to the results for Wayne and Washtenaw Counties:

Poverty*Tenure for Selected MI Counties

In the resources area, I have provided a link to the closest summary table from the ACS. It uses the traditional poverty cutpoint. It is also restricted to family households. This deletes over 30 percent of households in Michigan. For instance, people living alone are not considered a family household.


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