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What proportion of American Community Survey (ACS) interviews end up in the ACS microdata samples?


Approximately two-thirds.

The ACS annual sample of close to 3 million housing unit addresses represents an overall sampling rate of approximately 2.4 percent. The microdata samples are 1% samples. However, the number of housing units/persons actually interviewed is smaller than 3 million. Thus, once one creates a 1% microdata sample from the interviewed records, the ratio is closer to 68 out of 100.

For instance, in 2006 there were 1,968,362 households interviewed in the ACS. The number of household records in the microdata is 1,343,868 for a ratio of .683.

There were 4,633,409 individuals in these households and 2,969,741 were included in the microdata samples for a ratio of .641.

The ratios differ across states. See the attached file for the figures.

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