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I am a doctorate student and am interested in analyzing Add Health and NLSY data. Where can I get permission to access the data? Could I publish a paper with the data analyzed?


The Public Use version of the NLSY data are available via the internet:

Choose which cohort is of interest to you and then select the variables and years for your extract. There is a User Manual in the horizontal navigation bar.

NLS has restricted data, which include geographic characteristics for the communities in which the respondents live. To get access to these data you must apply, justify why you need the restricted data, describe your data security plan, and get a signature from a university official.

The link to the NLS restricted data contract is here:

The data disseminator (BLS) is very interested in researchers publishing papers based on the restricted NLS files.

The link to Add Health restricted data is here:

ICPSR will be disseminating the Add Health restricted data by summer 2009.

The public use data for Add Health is available from here:

It is always preferable to use the public use data first to determine whether you need restricted data or not. There is a fee associated with the Add Health restricted data so you should make sure the data will meet your needs.

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