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We were wondering if you might know of a center or individual on campus with the 2001 Canadian Census Public Use Sample. It does not appear that ICPSR has it, and Statistics Canada only appears to offer it for a fee. We might also be interested in looking at the 1996 data.


IPUMS-I has the 2001 Canadian Public Use Data. This is very similar to the set-up for IPUMS-USA (harmonized census microdata). You'll be able to get all the items you want for the total sample.

I believe all of the international data have some restrictions, but there is never a cost associated with using the data. You just need to provide a reason (abstract) for using the data.

Here's a link to the application form:

These data qualify as "public use" data at the University of Michigan, so you will not have to go through the IRB process.

You might want to look at the note on the Canadian data:

There is a note that says this about the Canadian data:

"Persons not organized into households"

Thus, if you want to examine husbands/wives wages you'd better stick with US data. But, if you want to look at a comparison of male/female wages you'll be ok.

The 1996 data are available at StatCan. As you note, most of StatCan data cost money. However, UM is registered to get tabular data from StatCan for free. That is new. That may mean we can get Canadian microdata for free as well.

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