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Do you know of a source for segregation indices that cover the 1970 to 2000 time period? I want this to be for metropolitan areas and for the measure to be a white vs black index.


The only source I can find that has data for all 4 decades is a segregation dataset created by David Cutler, Edward Glaeser, and Jacob Vigdor. (Note: This is the Internet Archive's archived record of the original webpage, which Jacob Vigdor no longer maintains. All of the data is available in the archived version.)

They have documentation on the measures, which will make it clear that they use metropolitan areas rather than cities (Detroit metro vs Detroit city) and that the index is based on black vs non-black.

The data are freely available, but the authors ask that users contact the custodian of the site, Jacob Vigdor, in the event of any updates or additions to the site.

If you want more control on the comparison groups and/or additional segregation measures, there is an excellent resource at the Census Bureau. However, it only has data from 1980 - 2000:

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