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I have some health areas that are defined on the basis of census tracts. When I try to get race-specific results using summary file data from the census (2000) using American FactFinder, I find that some of my census tracts are missing. I know these tracts exist. What is going on?


Summary File 4 (SF4) allows one to get race-specific results. There are 335 population groups in SF4 (132 race groups, 78 American Indian and Alaska Native tribe categories, 39 Hispanic and Latino groups, and 86 ancestry groups).

A population group will only be shown if there are at least 50 unweighted sample cases of that population group in the specific geographic area (census tract, county, etc.).

Depending on your measure of interest, there are some race-specific iterations in SF3 where this algorithm is not invoked. For instance, poverty status is iterated by race in SF3. However, the race groups only include the most common. If you want poverty status for non-Hispanic whites you can use SF3. If you want poverty status for non-Hispanic blacks, you have to use SF4.

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