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Is there a way to locate files on my system that were created after a certain date?


NDIR allows you to search by dates based on a before (BEF) or after (AFT) operators. First get to the area that you are interested in through DOS. Here we locate files, using the NDIR command, that have been updated (/UP) after June 5, 1999.

T:\sb>NDIR **.** /up aft 6-05-1999

Files            = Files contained in this path
Size             = Number of bytes in the file
Last Update      = Date file was last updated
Owner            = ID of user who created or copied the file

Files                      Size Last Update     Owner
----------------- ------------- --------------- -----------------------
2000TEST        u    58,345,056  6/19/08  3:35p sbriske
90FAM           u           190  4/24/06 11:09a sbriske
A               o         2,172  7/22/08  9:29a sbriske
B               o        85,283  7/21/08  3:10p sbriske
CAMPLIST.DOC    o        38,912  9/15/05  3:21p sbriske
CA_2000         u           133  6/19/08  3:58p sbriske
CA_2000.LOG     u         3,765  6/19/08  3:58p sbriske
CHOWN           u         5,046  7/10/07 12:08p sbriske
DA-OLD.FP5      u     4,596,736  6/07/04 11:23a aragon
DAS76_~1.TXT    o        39,784  9/15/05  3:21p sbriske

   133,300,409  bytes (133,361,664  bytes in 32559 blocks allocated)
            32  Files


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