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Do you know of a source of vital statistics data for the United Kingdom and Canada? My ideal data would be single years of age and cause of death for many years.


I have not found data for single years of age. There is data for 5-year age groups:

The British National Archives has Historic Mortality Data Files:

The data extend from 1901 – 1995. The age groups are five year age groups, except for <1, 1 to 4, and the open-ended top age. Cause of death is an item. The codes are ICD-based and change over time.

There is a denominator file, which allows one to create rates.

I have downloaded these data and made them available in our catalog:

There is an article based on the 1901-2000 version of the data – not yet transferred to the archives.

Claire Griffiths and Anita Brock, "Twentieth Century Mortality Trends in England and Wales". Article published in Office for National Statistics periodical Health Statistics Quarterly no. 18 (Summer 2003).

For Canada (and many other countries):

The WHO Mortality Database includes cause-of-death statistics coded according to the 9th and 10th revision of the ICD from 1979 to 2000 by age group.

Click on Table 1: Number of Registered Deaths

These tables mostly reflect 10-year age intervals, but you can download the underlying data (for all countries), and you end up with 5-year age intervals.

The University of Michigan library has print resources for these two countries. I cannot tell from the title whether the data are for single years of age or not:

Mortality Statistics, a review of the Registrar General on deaths by cause, sex and age, in England and Wales (Scotland has separate publication) Hatcher Graduate - | HB1415 .A35 Library has 1974-1978,1980-1981,1986, 1990 till 2001

Causes of death: provinces by sex and Canada by sex and age; Causes de décès; par province selon le sexe et le Canada selon le sexe et l’âge. Hatcher Graduate - | HB1359 .A33 Library has 1970-1985

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