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I am looking for census data by gender on age, marital status, education, employment status, income, and race for congressional districts for each Congress from the 103rd to the 110th.


I expect that you are more familiar with congressional apportionment than I am and know the census boundaries for each congressional district for each Congress.

With the American Community Survey (ACS), which is the new replacement for the long-form census, there can actually be updates for congressional districts, even if the boundaries of the districts have not changed. However, before the American Community Survey, it is quite likely that the statistics for two consecutive congresses might be the same, e.g., 105th and 106th.

The ACS does allow differences in statistics even if the boundaries remain the same. Data for the 108th and 109th reflect this. These data can be downloaded via American Factfinder via geographic comparison tables. So far, the 110th is only available for the 100% data, so won’t be real interesting.

I have not found results/references to the 107th.

There is a commercial vendor that provides congressional district data – but as you might imagine the products are not free:

A political science professor has data for the 78th – 105th He might be worth contacting for updates.

I’ll be glad to meet with you to go over ways to download the data more efficiently.

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