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I want to download the 2006 ACS microdata from the Census Bureau website as a stata file. Can you point me to the location where I can do this?


I am not sure I understand why you want to get the data from the Census Bureau website. There are better choices.

The Census Bureau does not have a real friendly ACS microdata product. Census data come as a hierarchical file with housing records and person records. The ACS products require you to download the housing items and person items separately and then merge them.

Here's the location for that interface:

Stata is not an option but SAS is. You could convert your SAS file to stata.

You can also download via Data Ferrett, which originates on the Census website:

However, you have to download the interface first and then are limited to 50 items per download, so it will take several downloads. Data Ferrett gives you all statistical package options.

PSC has the census version of the data, put into a hierarchical file:


Another source for ACS data that is very flexible is from the IPUMS website:

The only downside to the IPUMS version of the data is that the variables are harmonized (across census years) so that the variable names do not agree with the census variable names. However, unless you are real familiar with item names, I don't think you would be bothered by the IPUMS variable names. You have to register to use the IPUMS site, but you will get instant access to the interface. Your output choices include stata.

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