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I am working on a grant proposal with a colleague in the medical school. Her grants person told her that the restricted Add Health data requires a non-networked computer. Is this true? We would prefer NOT to have to include a computer in the budget if possible.


Add Health has lots of different restricted data scenarios provided below:

We use one that has the data on a restricted server. It is restricted to folks within ISR.

However, stand-alones are not a bad option if you do not have much computing help to set up a restricted network. It wouldn't cost $2,000 as you end up just buying an additional CPU and use a switch to go from the stand-alone to the networked computer. That means you don't have to buy an additional monitor, which is usually as expensive as the CPU.

The negative on stand-alones is that only one person can use the data at a time and there is some cost involved (buying the CPU).

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