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How is the residence of prisoners noted on death certificates - the prison or the original home address? What about other institutional populations (dorms, hospitals, etc.)?


The residence is the place where the decedent lives or sleeps most of the time. This is not necessarily the same as 'home state," "voting residence," "mailing address," or "legal residence."

A temporary residential location should not be entered (visit, business trip, vacation). Usual place of residence for a college student (dorm, apartment) should not be considered temporary. A dorm or apartment would be where the student lives or sleeps most of the time. Likewise, usual onshore place of residence for military personnel should be entered as the place of residence on a death certificate.

If a person has resided in an institution or a group home this facility should be entered as the place of residence.

The only exception to the above is children residing in a boarding school are considered to live at a parent's residence.

These summaries are taken from pages 48-51 in Medical Examiners' and Coroners' Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting.

[If viewing on-line, the page numbers in the pdf document are 56-59.]

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