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I am interested in creating some tables from the 2006 General Social Survey. It looks like ICPSR has the data. How easy is it to make a 4-way table – Political affiliation * Age * Education * Race/Ethnicity?


We have these data on-site as study 1024:

For your purposes, I think you will want to deal with the raw data rather than use SDA. SDA allows for recodes and crosstabs, but you will find it easier to use your normal programming language. SDA works better for those who do not have statistical programming skills and/or are exploring the data.

Please be aware that you should use the index to the data set (pages 13-67 in the pdf or pages 1 to 55 in the print version) for the column locations of the variables. Another way to get the column numbers is through the set-up cards.

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