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The Pew Hispanic Center put out a report last November with Race, age and citizenship status info from the September 2007 CPS. (See table below from report):

I didn’t know you could get race info from anything other than the March CPS. What do you know about race information available for other months?


Race/Hispanic looks like it is available across all CPS years. I have checked across specific months and am finding the items, although there have been some coding changes over time.

I have also taken a look at the CPS outgoing rotation files and race/Hispanic are available on them. Here’s an FAQ about the outgoing rotation files:

Here’s a link to a description of the race/Hispanic detail from the outgoing rotation data:

Take a look at pages 14 and 15 for the detail of how race/ethnicity is coded over time.

We can order the latest release of the merged outgoing rotation files from NBER. This will give you data for 1979+.

Note that while the sample sizes for the outgoing rotation files are larger than the monthly CPS files, you still have sample size issues for some states, especially if you are tabulating by race/Hispanic and age.

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