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I am interested to public use microdata from the Survey of Consumers. I would like it for as many years as possible. I do not know if the producers readily give this out but I know of researchers who have access to the data.


The Survey of Consumers website has a way for you to select an extract of the variables you want to examine or to download the entire data set.

Go to the website:

Click on the Public Access link (you will be prompted for a name and e-mail address).

Select Cross Section Archive from the left navigation panel. This provides access to the data via SDA. Click on the Survey of Consumers SDA archive.

If you want to download all the data, select Download a customized extract from the "Action" area, which is the top panel of choices. Click on start.

You can select every item within the subject groups. If you do that and do not filter your cases you end up with the full microdata file. The default output is an ASCII file with no delimiters and a codebook. If you want, you can also indicate set-up files for SAS, SPSS, Stata, DDI, or SDA.

Click Continue towards the bottom of the page and Create the File from the next page.

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