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I am generating some age-specific counts for various neighborhoods to compare with data in the Research Data Center (RDC). However, I am having trouble getting these counts to agree with what previous workers on this project have generated. Can you take a look at my numbers vs the project counts for our neighborhoods?


The reason your numbers are too large is that your counts are for the white alone population. The project numbers are based on the non-Hispanic white alone population. For SF1, you should be using Tables 12I instead of 12A

You can find these numbers in SF1 and SF3, although you’ll notice they vary somewhat across the 100% (SF1) and 15% (SF3) files. If you are interested in any other Hispanic/race-specific numbers – education, income or need counts for the non-Hispanic black alone population etc. you will need to look at SF2 or SF4. SF4 iterates most of the SF3 tables by race and SF2 iterates the 100% (SF1) data by race.

If you have trouble matching these to the RDC numbers, let me know.

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