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How do I map a network drive? A restricted space has been set up for me on the network, but I cannot see it.


Some of our restricted data contracts allow for networked access. Your particular case is one of these.

Go to Windows Explorer and right click My Computer.

Click on Map Network drive.

A window will open up with a drive letter and folder. By default, the drive mapping will select the first unused letter of the alphabet. If you have a letter you would prefer to use, you can click on the down arrow and select ay unused drive.

In the folder field, put in \\server\directory

For security purposes, you will have to get that information from the restricted data administrator.

If you want the drive to be mapped the next time you are connected, be sure and click the "reconnect at logon" box.

Click Finish

As a note, this is why the restricted data contract requires a locked office and a time-activated screen saver. Now that you've mapped a drive to this directory, anyone could have access to this restricted data if you leave yourself logged in.

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