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What level of geography do natality detail files go down to?


It depends on the year. Starting with the 2005, there are no state identifiers on the microdata files. From 1989 - 2004, geographic identifiers of counties and cities with populations of 100,000 or greater are available. Prior to 1989, all counties are identified.

These rules apply to birth, death, and fetal death public use microdata files. Linked birth/infant death files have had somewhat stricter population parameters (250,000 instead of 100,000).

Here is the NCHS Data Release Policy:

It describes the level of detail available for other items besides geography (such as exact dates of events).

Access to the restricted geocode parameters is available via the NCHS RDC program:

One other option that works for producing fairly limited tables is a table-maker option. One can produce sub-state and state-level tables after registering to use the system. It is more cumbersome than producing tables with a statistical package and raw data, but it does allow access to some of the restricted geographic identifiers:

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