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I can not find the 2000 version of the 1990 “School District Data book." I know that there is a 2000 version, since the National Center for Education Statistics has it on their website:

The NCES interface is extraordinarily cumbersome to use.


It looks like the NCES tool is the only way to access 2000 school district data and get definitive school district boundaries. A solution that would work for many school districts is to use summary file data from the census and define school districts on the basis of its component census tracts.

The following is a link to a crosswalk for school districts to census tracts:

Many school districts are perfectly defined by census geography. However, for the exceptions, you would have to go back and use the NCES tool. The way to tell that census tracts do not perfectly define a school district is if the allocation factor for a census tract is not “1.000." This indicates that the census tract falls into several school districts.

In the future you should be able to get school district data via American FactFinder. However, not many school districts meet the size threshold for publication. Nonetheless, it is a good sign that this unit of analysis is available from this interface.

Choose, ACS 2009 for the data choice.

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