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Do you know where I can find a list of the variables that are available in the summary files for the 2000 census down to the block level?

I should know the answer to this by now.


This isn’t all that easy to remember.

You might find it easier to follow this answer by making reference to the technical documentation:

There are 100s of tables that are available at the block group level. The documentation has a pretty clear notation at the top of each page that says:

“Population subjects summarized to the block group level"


“Population subjects summarized to the census tract level"

Briefly, P1 – P160 go to the block group PCT1 – PCT76 only go down to the census tract

For housing, H1 – H121 go to the block group and HCT1 – HCT48 only go down to the census tract.

Since those numbers don’t mean anything, you need to go to Chapter 5 (pg 107) to get a description of the tables. The far right shows how many cells are in the tables. You have to jump to page 443 to get the actual description of the cells for each table.

If you could let me know what he wants to look at, I can find out whether or not it is at the block group level.

You might be able to search more quickly via American Fact Finder. You can just try to bring up block groups for Autauga, county Alabama and then do a search on the topic he wants and see what comes up. If it comes up as a PCT or HCT table, it won’t be available. If it is H or P it will be.

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