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Is there a document or documents that compares occupation codings in the census over time . . . say 1960-2000?


This is one of the purposes of IPUMS (out of Minnesota). They have a standard coding scheme tied to 1950. Here is a link to their coding:

This is not entirely satisfactory as it is not telling you the changes between censuses. Also the historical nature of the IPUMS means that that the degree of granularity is not ideal for the 20th century.

Here is another link to an article out of BLS that is a proposed category system for 1960-2000 census occupations:

It is a long document. The guts of it are on pages 16-40. Starting on page 16 is a table that shows occupation such as "teacher" and then the codes that are associated with that occupation for 1960 - 2000.

Be sure and use OCCCEN5 in 2000 with this coding scheme. OCCSOC5 is the NAICS occupation code.

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