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I need time series data on attitudes in New York City from 1999 to the present.


Attitudinal data at the local level is not readily available. As a first step, I would suggest that you take a look at data from the General Social Survey (GSS). Region is an item on the survey as is size of city.

Here is a link to the General Social Survey variables ordered by mnemonic, sequential order, and subject:

The most useful for you is probably subject order. In that interface, all the variables under a topic are grouped together. Suggestions of related concepts are often provided. The index also indicates when the item was collected (all years, selected years, a single year, etc.).

For instance, ALIENATION is a broad subject area and related terms grouped with that subject are ANOMIA and CONFIDENCE. Under each subject concept is a short description. To the right of that is the variable name. Variable name is what you’ll need to use in the interactive data analysis program.

Another link that may be useful is the following, which shows the years that the item was in the sample:

The data analysis program is available through many venues. The most direct is the Data Analysis link on the horizontal navigation bar. This analysis program is NESSTAR-based. If you prefer SDA, you can access that through the GSS 1972-2006 link at ICPSR (study 04697).

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