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I am at the Universityof Minnesota, Economics department. I am looking for the data on households income across sectors in the year 2003 in Russia.

To be more precise, I need the data on low-income households employees compensation and high-income households employee compensation across sectors. If you have any idea what would be a good source, I would greatly appreciate it.


Russian census data in tabular/printed form are available from Eastview Press, which is out of Minneapolis. However, tabular data are often limited to the tables that the producer thinks a user might want. Thus, it is unlikely that there will be a table for sector * income. We have the 1989 version of the Eastview product and it does not have this sort of table. You can check with Eastview about the contents of the 2002 census:

Your library should have access to economic surveys out of OECD. There is one for the Russian Federation in 2004. While it gives a great deal of detail about various sectors of the economy, it does not provide information on the concentration of jobs by income.

However, you should take a look at this study as there is a possibility that in all the references that are in the report, there will be a source that would work for you. It is about 200 pages. I skimmed through it, but I was looking for tables, not content or references.

I think your best bet would be to get access to Russian microdata, if possible. This would allow you to create the tables you want. This may not be easy to do. The University of Minnesota has an extraction tool for accessing data from censuses all over the world. Russia is not in their current group of countries nor does it look to be in the pipeline:

Robert McCaa of the Minnesota Population Center may be able to tell you more about access conditions of the Russian census (

Finally, there are two contacts in Russia that may be able to help you. If you can read Russian you can look at their websites and decide which person is more likely to be able to help you:

Larisa Kosova

Tatyana Yudina

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